First and foremost, I love geckos!

As a young boy I discovered how much I loved reptiles. Growing up in a small mining town in Utah gave me the chance of a lifetime to be close to all mountain and desert living wildlife.
As a father I purchased a pair of leopard geckos for my two sons. I was hooked on leopards from that day. I purchased a pair of leopard geckos eight years ago and have not looked back since!
Thanks to my friend Cameron Ramsey who turned me in the right direction in regards to the breeding and proper care of leopard geckos.
During the last thirteen years I have obtained, from some of the best breeders, leopard geckos to start my own breeding programs. I have learned through reading, experimenting and breeding. I have hatched some excellent quality geckos!
I would like to give a special thanks to Ron Tremper, Craig Stewart of Urban Geckos, JMG Reptiles, Steve Skyes of Gecko ETC, and Gerrick DeMeyer of Crested Geckos for all of their help and support in my endeavors.
I am committed and dedicated to the integrity of breeding leopard geckos. Now and onward.